Title: CT: Open Attack – Roman’s 67 Camaro Finally Wins!
Owner: Wade Bachelder
Value: $10.00
URL: Visit URL

Roman’s 67 Camaro won his first race of season 6 and couldn’t have come at a better time. His 2nd in the last race has put him ahead with 3 races remaining.

Leslie XL bounced back with a 2nd place finish, but will it be enough to bring the championship home for the CT cars?

Brian’s 95 Supra went from 1st to worst in this race with a last place finish. The 66 Chevy C10, Letty’s 66 Corvette and 51 Mercury have been mediocre in the RaceOff’s and need to pick it up if they want to be the champion.

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Here are the race results...

1. Roman's 67 Camaro
2. Leslie XL
3. 51 Mercury - IT Pet Peeves
4. 66 Chevy C10 - Wade Bachelder
5. Letty's 66 Corvette - Platty Press
6. Brian's 95 Supra

Platty's Editor Note: Ken and the Karen's were checking out Brian's engines before they were gunned down!


Blockchain Date: 04/27/2022
Owner: Wade Bachelder


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PRIMUS: Tales From The Punchbowl ANTHRAX: Persistence of Time MINISTRY: With Sympathy NINE INCH NAILS: Broken MITHOTYN: King of the Distant Forest GREEN CARNATION: The Quiet Offspring AMON AMARTH: Once Sent from the Golden Hall MOTLEY CRUE: Shout at the Devil ARCH ENEMY: Burning Bridges SONATA ARCTICA: Winterheart’s Guild SYSTEM OF A DOWN JAPANESE EDITION MACHINE HEAD: The Burning Red INCH: Stresser QUICKSAND: Manic Compression DOWN: NOLA 32 TENS: So Nah THE OFFSPRING: Ignition OPETH: Deliverance METALLICA: ...And Justice For All BAL-SAGOTH: The Chthonic Chronicles WINTERSUN: Time I SOILWORK: Steel Bath Suicide TWISTED SISTER: Stay Hungry DEATH ANGEL: Act III SLIPKNOT THE KOVENANT: Animatronic FALCONER DIMMU BORGIR: Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia CT Racing: Season 3 DEATH RACE! Season 3: DEATH RACE Preview 3. There Will Be Carnage! DEATH RACE 1: Only Wendy Remains! DEATH RACE 2: Dylan Is The King Of The Treadmill! DEATH RACE 3: Taylor Strikes Back! CT Racing: DEATH RACE! DEATH RACE 4: Taylor Delivers Another Victory! DEATH RACE 5: There Is No Stopping Taylor! DEATH RACE 6: How Kelley Got Her Groove Back! DEATH RACE 7: Hank's Not Giving Up The Trophy! Season 4: CT vs FF! DEATH RACE 8: Casey Coupe Brings Home the Victory! DEATH RACE 9: Woody Wagon Claims His First Victory! DEATH RACE 10: Hank Is Still The Champ! DEATH RACE RO1: Hank Continues His Win Streak! DEATH RACE RO2: Woody Wins A Hard One! DEATH RACE RO3: Leslie Steps Up For The Win! DEATH RACE RO4: Leslie Wins RaceOff 4 and the Championship! CT vs FF: Letty Wins Preview Race #1 CT vs FF: Dom Wins Preview Race #2 CT vs FF: Cary Wins Preview Race #3 CT vs FF: Dom Wins The First Race And Sets The Tone! CT vs FF: Brian Finally Beats Dom! CT vs FF: Leslie Steps Up For CT and Wins Race 3! CT vs FF: Taylor Survives To Win Race 4 For CT! CT vs FF: Letty And FF Decimate CT! CT vs FF: Dom Continues His Dominance! CT vs FF: Brian’s Win Keep FF On Top! Season 5: CT vs FF Multiverse! CT vs FF: Roman’s First Win Keep FF Rolling! CT vs FF: Wendy Wins For Team CT! CT vs FF: Dom's Continued Dominance Rolls Into The RaceOffs! CT vs FF: Roman Takes The First RaceOff Victory! CT vs FF: Dom Wins The Second RaceOff To Take The Lead! CT vs FF: Roman Wins The Third RaceOff! CT vs FF: Letty Wins The Final RaceOff! CT vs FF: Wendy Wagon Is The Season 4 Champion! CT vs FF MV: Brian's 74 Escort Wins Preview Race 1 CT vs FF MV: Lettys 08 Viper Wins Preview Race 2 CT vs FF MV: Brian’s 02 Skyline Wins Season 5 Race 1! CT vs FF MV: Brian’s 02 Skyline Wins 2 In A Row! CT vs FF MV: Dom's 70 Charger Got Their Groove Back! CT vs FF MV: Wendy Survives For Her First Victory! CT vs FF MV: Dom’s 70 Charger Wins Again! CT vs FF MV: Dom’s 70 Charger Wins 2 In A Row! CT vs FF MV: Wendy Wins Again For CT! CT vs FF MV: Letty's 08 Viper Claims Her First Victory! CT vs FF MV: Hank Hotrod Claims A Victory! CT vs FF MV: Nando Takes Race 10! CT vs FF MV: Brian's 74 Escort Wins Race 11 CT vs FF MV: Brian's 02 Skyline Wins Again! CT vs FF MV: Brian's 74 Escort Wins 2 Out Of 3! CT vs FF MV: Letty's 66 Corvette Wins The Season Finale! CT vs FF MV: Brian’s 02 Skyline Steals The First RaceOff! CT vs FF MV: Letty’s 08 Viper Take RaceOff 2! CT vs FF MV: Letty's 66 Corvette Wins RaceOff 3! CT vs FF MV: Brian's 02 Skyline Takes Another RaceOff Win! CT vs FF MV: Letty’s 66 Corvette Wins The Final RaceOff! CT vs FF MV: Wendy Wagon Repeats, Wins Back To Back Championships! CT Season 6: Open Attack CT: Open Attack – The 51 Mercury Win the First Race of Season 6! CT: Open Attack – Brian’s 94 Supra Take A Beating And The Win! CT: Open Attack – Artemis Pokes Her Head in As Letty’s 66 Vette Wins! CT: Open Attack – Brian’s 94 Supra Wins Again! CT: Open Attack – Wendy Wagon Collects Her First Win! CT: Open Attack – Kelley Kompact Makes It Two in A Row For CT! CT: Open Attack – 51 Mercury Survives For 2nd Victory! CT: Open Attack – Brian’s 94 Supra Claims His 3rd Victory! CT: Open Attack – 66 Chevy C10 Claims His First Victory! CT: Open Attack – Brian’s 94 Supra Wins Again! CT: Open Attack – 51 Mercury Keeps on Winning! CT: Open Attack – Taylor Taxi Wins First Race Since Season 4! CT: Open Attack – Brian’s 94 Supra Wins For The 5th Time! CT: Open Attack – 51 Mercury Wins The Last Regular Season Race! CT: Open Attack – Brian’s 94 Supra Continues to Dominate! CT: Open Attack – Roman’s 67 Camaro Finally Wins! CT: Open Attack – Letty’s 66 Corvette Wins Upside Down! CT: Open Attack – Letty’s 66 Corvette Wins 2 In A Row! CT: Open Attack – Brian’s 94 Supra Win The Last RaceOff! CT: Open Attack – Letty's 66 Corvette Is The Open Attack Champion! CT vs Brian: Season 7 CT vs Brian – Brian’s 94 Supra Win The First Race! CT vs Brian – Brian’s 94 Supra Survives 2 In A Row! CT vs Brian – Brian’s 02 Skyline Wins Race 3! CT vs Brian – Brian’s 02 Skyline Wins 2 In A Row! CT vs Brian – Brian’s 02 Skyline Wins 3 In A Row! CT vs Brian – Brian’s 94 Supra Claims 10th Win Overall! CT vs Brian – Brian’s 74 Escort Joins The Action! CT vs Brian – Brian’s 94 Supra Continues To Dominate! CT vs Brian – The Return of Brian’s 02 Skyline! CT vs Brian – Brian’s 95 Eclipse Doesn’t Explode! CT vs Brian – Brian’s 94 Supra Strikes Back! CT vs Brian – Guess Who? Brian's 94 Supra! CT vs Brian – You Guessed IT! Brian’s 94 Supra! CT vs Brian – Brian’s 74 Escort Wins Big! CT vs Brian – Brian’s 94 Supra Adds Another Notch! CT vs Brian – Season 7 Winner: Brian’s 74 Escort! Champs & Winners – Brian’s 94 Supra Continues Its Dominance! Champs & Winners – Brian’s 02 Skyline Takes The Checkered Flag! Champs & Winners – Brian’s 74 Escort Takes Race 3! Champs & Winners – Kelley Kompact Is Back! Champs & Winners – Hank Hotrod’s First Win Since Season 5! Champs & Winners – Dom’s 70 Charger Takes Race 6! Champs & Winners – Brian’s 94 Supra Wins Another! Champs & Winners – Brian’s 02 Skyline Wins Race 8! Champs & Winners – Brian’s 74 Escort Survives Race 9! Champs & Winners – Wendy Wagon Secures RaceOff Spot With a Win! Champs & Winners – Letty’s 66 Corvette Win RaceOff #1! Champs & Winners – Letty’s 66 Corvette Takes 2! Champs & Winners – Brian’s 02 Skyline Wins RaceOff 3! Champs & Winners – Brian’s 74 Escort Takes RaceOff 4! Champs & Winners – Brian’s 94 Supra Wins the last RaceOff! Champs & Winners – Brian’s 74 Escort is Season 8 Champion! Season 9: Old Skool Old Skool - 69 Pontiac GTO Wins First Race!