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December 11, 2019


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White Man Finally Installs Button Under Desk That Locks His Office Door!
Publish Date: November 04, 2019
Author: Oopsai Scharted

Henry McBain has reached the status that many with power strive to achieve.

His own button under his desk that can lock his door instantly.

The door already has an automatic door closer.

I feel Henry wants to lock his door to keep some employees out of his office.

My dead husband said he has the lock installed to keep people in.

My dead husband said he is a shameful dirty individual that takes advantage of vulnerable women for his sexual needs.

My dead husband is very smart individual. It’s too bad he is dead.

Stay away from Henry McBain.

“Don't try to leave, the doors are locked and only I have got the key
Forget the windows, they're nailed shut and boarded up so you can't see
You'll love the light show, oh, I'm sure you'll think it's swell
When they go off, you're welcome to my living hell.”

Platty's Editor Note: Stay away From Henry McBain! Any Twisted Sister fans?

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White Man Finally Installs Button Under Desk That Locks His Office Door! 11/04/19

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