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December 11, 2019


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White Man Tired of Being Pulled Over by Police!
Publish Date: October 27, 2019
Author: Anna Phalaxis

Todd Chase is one of the whitest men in America. His whiteness was his protection.

Todd is wondering why two out of three times he leaves his house in his vehicle he is pulled over by the police.

“I believe I am being racially profiled by the police.” Todd claims.

Office Johnson responded, “You are being pulled over due to speeding in residential areas.”

“Those roads don’t have any speed limit signs so I can go fast as I want.” Todd screamed.

The thirteen-year veteran said, “The speed limit in the residential or business areas is 25 mph unless otherwise posted.”

Todd Chase was taken into custody when he unleashed a hateful racist rant and accidently hit the officer with his hand.

He was heard yelling, “I’m white, you can’t do this to me!” as the police put him in their cruiser.

Platty's Editor Note: They all can't be 10's...or 5's. Sometimes they are 2's. Title is good but the article is crap.

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