January 20, 2021

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President Believes a Whistleblower is a Felatious Woman!

Dawn Keybawls 
March 16, 2020 

The president calls his willie a whistle.

Each time he hears the term whistleblower, he thinks a whore is going to blow his whistle.

He gets excited like a dog about to get a treat. He’s a dirty ass dog!

His whistle is just as dirty.

Three inches of smegma cheese like substance that is growing around his foreskin.

He claims it's this big, just as large as the space between his fingers.

He hopes the whistleblower has a big mouth.

His whistle is hard to blow. Mostly due to the smegma.

It was confirmed in a previous article on Plattypress.com that Melania Confirms Presidential Load Lumpy Oily Cheese Sauce and smegma go hand in hand.

Enjoy blowing that whistle!

Platty's Editor Note: Please take care of your smegma. - Smegma is a combination of shed skin cells, skin oils, and moisture. It occurs in both male and female mammalian genitalia. In female bodies, it collects around the clitoris and in the folds of the labia minora; in males, smegma collects under the foreskin.

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