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January 21, 2020


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Bill Belichick Cannot Contain Excitement After Latest Win!

Publish Date: September 19, 2019
Author: Benjamin Dover

We all know that Bill Belichick is the coach of the New England Patriots. We also know that he is a man of many words and emotions. I had the opportunity to sit with Bill to talk about the season. I know it will be difficult for me to get any words in.

BD: Hello Bill, you look very happy today.

BB: Yes, I am.

BD: Tell me, your team has outplayed and outcoached the Steelers and Dolphins. How do you feel coming into this week with the Jets?

BB: Good.

BD: Tell me about your history with the Jets. Just recently there was a trade involving them. The first ever for you. Why now?

BB: Why Not?

BD: Why Not? You have never traded with the Jets. What made you change your mind?

BB: It was time.

BD: Okay Bill, one last question. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

BB: Six.

There is the final score. Pats by 6. Maybe 60?

That was one of the best interviews I have conducted. He is a man of many words and emotions. It was fun to see him put his guard down for me.

Platty's Editor Note: If the Patriots offense is not dominant, does that make them unpatriotic?

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