July 06, 2022

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Champs & Winners – Wendy Wagon Secures RaceOff Spot With a Win!

Ms. Ann Formation 
June 17, 2022 

Wendy Wagon wins the last race of the regular season to secure her spot in the RaceOffs. The new format this season leveled out the competition as the NERF gun didn’t do much against a bunch of the lower profile diecast cars.

Dom’s 70 Charger is falling apart. The driver seat and the front grill continue to crumble. These JADA cars are cool but aren’t holding up well. I know a lot of enthusiasts hate my guts because I use the cars instead of just looking at them.

We have the top 6 cars that will compete in 5 more races to see who will be the season 8 champion. 4 out of the 6 cars have already won in previous seasons. Will there be a new winner?

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Here are the race results...

1. Wendy Wagon - Wade Bachelder
2. Kelley Kompact - IT Pet Peeves
3. Brian's 95 Supra- Wade Bachelder's Blockchain
4. Leslie XL - Platty Press
5. Letty's 66 Corvette
6. Brian's 74 Escort
7. Taylor Taxi - Project Checklist
8. Hank Hotrod - 5 Head Internet
9. Dom's 70 Charger
10. Brian's 02 Skyline


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