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My Pillow Review: Never Wake Up Again!

Publish Date: June 24, 2019
Author: Amanda Hugenfuk

Best Sleep of Your Life!

The is the tagline for the My Pillow that you see that is sold on TV. I get to review the new My Pillow “Never Wake Up Again!” version tonight.

I received the pillow in the mail and opened it up soon after. It had an interesting smell to it. It mainly felt like a pillow case stuffed with shredded memory foam. I threw it in the dryer as instructed which I assume activates my inner sleepiness.

I went online to look at some of the great reviews.

BijinSue said “Worse sleep I ever had!”

Sara mentions “I won’t be recommending them to anyone.”

Meg Bleiler wrote “I really wanted to like it, but it made my neck problems and headaches worse.”

I can’t wait to get the best sleep of my life. This pillow looks very promising after reading these reviews.

It is 11:20PM, the pillow is out of the dryer and I am ready for bed. I will continue this review in the morning.

Platty's Editor Note: It seems the pillow does work as Amanda was found unresponsive. There seems to be a pattern emerging as we lost our second journalist due to unfortunate demise. Amanda was a great person who enjoyed hugs and other fun stuff. R.I.P. Amanda!

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