July 06, 2022

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CT vs Brian – Season 7 Winner: Brian’s 74 Escort!

May 26, 2022 

Brian’s 95 Supra won 7 regular season races and 3 RaceOff races and based on that alone one could think he was the runaway winner.

Brian’s 74 Escort won 1 regular season race and 1 RaceOff and has been crowned the season 7 Champion by outrunning the 95 Supra by 2 points.

The 74 Escort took a page out of Wendy Wagon’s playbook by not winning many races but consistently finished in the top spots for max points.

Brian’s 95 Supra won a bunch of races but his 2 5th places in the RaceOffs doomed his chances of being crowned the champion.

Season 8 is around the corner where past champions and overall races winners will take place and the 95 Supra can try again.

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Here are the final results...

1. Brian's 74 Escort
2. Brian's 95 Supra - Project Checklist
3. Brian's 02 Skyline
4. Brian's 95 Eclipse - IT Pet Peeves
5. Tina Turbo
6. Woody Wagon

Platty's Editor Note: Another season in the books and a new champion that didn't seem to have a chance pulled it out!


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