May 26, 2022

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CT vs Brian – Brian’s 02 Skyline Wins 3 In A Row!

Oopsai Scharted 
May 08, 2022 

Brian’s 02 Skyline makes it 3 in a row and continues to climb up the all-time winners list. The Skyline is getting closer to Brian’s 94 Supra in the standings and wins.

The Skyline and Supra continue to run away from the pack while the CT cars continue to fight for 3rd through 6th.

The 95 Eclipse and 00 Skyline continue to pull up the rear and are laying out some major explosions.


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Here are the race results...

1. Brian's 02 Skyline
2. Nando - Platty Press
3. Brian's 94 Supra
4. Hank Hotrod - 5 Head Internet
5. Woody Wagon
6. Brian's 95 Eclipse - IT Pet Peeves
7. Brian's 74 Escort
8. Tina Turbo
9. Casey Coupe
10. Brian's 00 Skyline - Wade Bachelder

Platty's Editor Note: The Executioner needs to make these 2 cars its top priority!


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