May 26, 2022

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CT vs Brian – Brian’s 94 Supra Win The First Race!

Ms. Ann Formation 
May 03, 2022 

Brian’s 94 Supra draws first blood with CT vs Brian in season 7. The car continues with its winning ways. It fell short in season 6 but still won plenty of races.

Brian’s 95 Eclipse and 2000 Skyline are new to this season. The 95 Eclipse hopes to survive and doesn’t explode like it did in the original movie.

Woody Wagon had a good race in his 2nd season on the track. He is looking for better results this time around instead of the 9th place finish in season 4.

Casey Coupe and Tina Turbo are back for more racing after last being seen in season 3.

Season 2 champion Hank Hotrod is looking to hold that trophy once again and could have a shot after a 4th place.

The Balls of Doom made their debut to no effect as the cars were almost off the track. It will be a fun tool for the Executioner when he wants some extra fun.

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Here are the race results...

1. Brian's 94 Supra
2. Brian's 95 Eclipse - IT Pet Peeves
3. Woody Wagon
4. Hank Hotrod - 5 Head Internet
5. Brian's 02 Skyline
6. Nando - Platty Press
7. Casey Coupe
8. Tina Turbo
9. Brian's 00 Skyline - Wade Bachelder
10. Brian's 74 Escort

Platty's Editor Note: Those balls just explode all over the track.


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