May 26, 2022

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CT: Open Attack – Brian’s 94 Supra Take A Beating And The Win!

Anna Phalaxis 
April 13, 2022 

Brian’s 94 Supra took a beating on several levels but held on to capture his first victory in his 2nd race. He was almost forced off the track by the 66 Chevy C10, but the Gate held him in place.

The Supra was almost flipped from a shot by the Executioner and a hit from the first Barrel of Doom, but it held firm. The Supra was hit directly by another barrel before Kelley Kompact was flipped over to claim the victory.

The first three off the track were the FF cars with Letty’s 66 Vette leading the way with Dom’s 68 Charger and Roman’s 67 Camaro.

The CT cars had a better outing with a 2nd for Kelley, 4th for Taylor, 5th for Wendy and a 6th for Leslie.

The 51 Mercury was squeezed out with a 7th place after his victory in the first race of the season.

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Here are the race results...

1. Brian's 94 Supra
2. Kelley Kompact
3. 66 Chevy C10 - Wade Bachelder
4. Taylor Taxi - Get Maine Lobster
5. Wendy Wagon - 5 Head Internet
6. Leslie XL
7. 51 Mercury - IT Pet Peeves
8. Roman's 67 Camaro
9. Dom's 68 Charger
10. Letty's 66 Corvette - Platty Press

Platty's Editor Note: Racing everyday this month!


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