July 06, 2022

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CT vs FF MV: Nando Takes Race 10!

Moe Lester 
March 12, 2022 

Nando was forced up the wall by his fellow racers and held on long enough to take home the victory. In seasons past, Nando would have been off the track. This season the Wall was introduced and came in handy for his victory. The win puts him into RaceOff contention.

Letty’s 08 Viper and 66 Vette had another impressive performance with a 2nd and a 3rd place finish. Brian’s 02 Skyline and 74 Escort are now out of the RaceOffs. In seasons past, the regular season would be over after 10 races but season 5 was extended to 14. There are 4 more races to go.

Wendy Wagon and Hank Hotrod had races to forget but Wendy is still in RaceOff contention and Hank still has a shot.

Taylor Taxi had a good race with a 4th place finish but might be too far behind to make a difference. Dom’s 70 Charger is still in the lead and his 68 Charger is holding onto the 5th place.

This is the first time the CT cars have won back-to-back victories since the FF cars were introduced. Could the wear and tear of these races be too much for the FF cars?

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Here are the race results...

1. Nando
2. Letty's 66 Corvette - Platty Press
3. Letty's 08 Viper
4. Taylor Taxi - Get Maine Lobster
5. Dom's 68 Charger Widebody - 5 Head Internet
6. Brian's 74 Escort - Wade Bachelder
7. Dom's 70 Charger
8. Brian's 02 Skyline
9. Wendy Wagon
10. Hank Hotrod - IT Pet Peeves

Platty's Editor Note: The 70's Charger has damage to the front and the door won’t stay closed. The Skyline has a cracked windshield. The 74 Escort has many scratches and tire damage. The CT cars are perfect!


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