July 06, 2022

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CT vs FF MV: Dom's 70 Charger Got Their Groove Back!

Oopsai Scharted 
March 04, 2022 

Dom’s 70 Charger brought home the victory but had his front grill blasted off from the Barrels of Doom.

His car is in the shop in preparation for the 4th race of the season as he jumped from 10th to 6th after this victory.

The Executioner was targeting Brian’s 02 Skyline right from the start and the Gate opened up at the right moment to put his win streak to an end.

Brian’s 74 Escort and Letty’s 66 Vette bounced back for a 2nd and a 3rd place.

The CT cars didn’t meet expectations with Nando finishing in 5th while Taylor, Wendy and Hank were in the top 4 cars to leave the track first.

Dom’s 68 Charger had a quiet 4th place to keep him in the hunt for the RaceOffs.

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Here are the race results...

1. Dom's 70 Charger
2. Brian's 74 Escort - Wade Bachelder
3. Letty's 66 Corvette - Platty Press
4. Dom's 68 Charger Widebody - 5 Head Internet
5. Nando
6. Letty's 08 Viper
7. Hank Hotrod - IT Pet Peeves
8. Brian's 02 Skyline
9. Wendy Wagon
10. Taylor Taxi - Get Maine Lobster


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