July 06, 2022

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CT vs FF: Dom Wins The First Race And Sets The Tone!

Dawn Keybawls 
February 01, 2022 

The Executioner tried his best but couldn’t knock Dom’s 70 Charger off the track. There was a nice shot that took out his front grill, but his car kept going.

Dom is setting the pace for this season as the Fast and The Furious cars take the first race of the season.

The Barrel of Doom was deployed too soon, and Dom took that for the victory. Letty’s 08 Viper finished right before him which was the gentleman thing to do.

Taylor Taxi continued his streak of coming in 3rd with Leslie XL came in 4th after taking the second Barrel of Doom head on. Brian's 74 Escort was doing well until the Executioner took him out with a few good shots.

Cary, Wendy, Hank & Woody were out fairly quick while Roman's 67 Camaro continues to finish in the middle of the pack.

The second race drops February 3rd, 2022.

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Here are the race results...

1. Dom's 70 Charger
2. Letty's 08 Viper
3. Taylor Taxi - Get Maine Lobster
4. Leslie XL
5. Roman's 67 Camaro - 5 Head Internet
6. Brian's 74 Escort
7. Hank Hotrod - Platty Press
8. Cary Carrier - Wade Bachelder
9. Wendy Wagon
10. Woody Wagon

Platty's Editor Note: The Execution will need to be on target to take out the FF crew.


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