May 26, 2022

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DEATH RACE 2: Dylan Is The King Of The Treadmill!

Dawn Keybawls 
January 05, 2022 

The second official race of season 3 DEATH RACE is in the books and Dylan is the King of the treadmill.

The first race for new sponsor Get Maine Lobster ended in disaster as Taylor has been solid in his first 2 seasons.

Taylor mentioned it was a minor set back and is looking forward to delivering the best freshest results.

The fans were apart of the race per usual getting gunned down onto the track.

The third race is coming January 7th.

Follow CT Racing for more information.

Here are the race results...

1. Dylan Dasher - 5 Head Internet
2. Hank Hotrod
3. Woody Wagon
4. Danni Driver - Platty Press
5. Tina Turbo
6. Leslie XL - Wade Bachelder
7. Kelley Kompact
8. Casey Coupe
9. Wendy Wagon
10. Taylor Taxi - Get Maine Lobsters

Platty's Editor Note: Maine Lobster is the best ever! Welcome Get Maine Lobster! Even though your car came in last!


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