November 26, 2021

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Moe Lester 
November 15, 2021 

Act III from Death Angel was almost their final act. This is their last release with this line up.

This album would be in my top 10 thrash list of all time.

Death Angel was a talented band but didn’t take off with their other thrash counterparts of the late 80’s.

They had a wide range of experimental sounds and influences with this album instead of sticking with the “in your face” thrash assault from their first album.

I still enjoy listening to this album to this day.

Here is the track Listing...

1. Seemingly Endless Time
2. Stop
3. Veil Of Deception
4. The Organization
5. Discontinued
6. A Room With A View
7. Stagnant
8. EX-TC
9. Disturbing The Peace
10. Falling Asleep

Platty's Editor Note: Stop! Drifting fool, the truth I must bestow in you is that I can only squirt out 3 out of 5 shots of venom!


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