November 26, 2021

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BAL-SAGOTH: The Chthonic Chronicles

Chit Ferbrauns 
November 06, 2021 

An age of fire, sword and shield, the thunder of the battlefield, the clarions call, bring down the wall!

The Mighty Bal-Sagoth’s sixth and final album brings their story of battles, fantasy, and science fiction to completion.

Their very first song on their first album A Black Moon Broods Over Lemuria is “Hatheg Kla.” Their very last song on this album is “Return To Hatheg-Kla” thus completing the epic journey.

The Chthonic Chronicles is a masterpiece and an excellent way to go out in style. Over the years I have been wishing that Bal-Sagoth would release new material but the story is over and the members have moved onto other projects.

Here is the track listing...

1. The Sixth Adulation Of His Chthonic Majesty
2. Invocations Beyond The Outer-World Night
3. Six Score And Ten Oblations To A Malefic Avatar
4. The Obsidian Crown Unbound
5. The Fallen Kingdoms Of The Abyssal Plain
6. Shackled To The Trilithon Of Kutulu
7. The Hammer Of The Emperor
8. Unfettering The Hoary Sentinels Of Karnak
9. To Storm The Cyclopean Gates Of Byzantium
10. Arcana Antediluvia
11. Beneath The Crimson Vaults Of Cydonia
12. Return To Hatheg-Kla

Platty's Editor Note: I am easily able to pump out 5 out of 5 squirts of my venom!


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