November 26, 2021

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METALLICA: ...And Justice For All

Anna Phalaxis 
November 05, 2021 

Ms. Ann Formation and I agree that the Black album is a total shit show and every album after that from Metallica has been utter trash. The reason being is they left it all on the table when creating …And Justice For All.

We know the removal of the bass was an issue and excuses about why have been complete bullshit in my book. Lest you forget Jason was the bassist in The $5.98 E.P. – Garage Days Re-Revisited album. There weren’t any bass issues with that album.

Lars is a complete tool dick. Take away my personal feeling about him and this album is their best album to date. I might piss off other Metallica fans, but this album is the closest thing to perfection minus the lack of bass.

I do find that disturbing but not enough to make me change my mind.

Here is the track listing...

1. Blackened
2. ...And Justice For All
3. Eye Of The Beholder
4. One
5. The Shortest Straw
6. Harvester Of Sorrow
7. The Frayed Ends Of Sanity
8. To Live Is To Die

Platty's Editor Note: The tunes are heavy and long like my spurs and can easily fill out 5 out of 5 squirts of venom!


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