November 26, 2021

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Oopsai Scharted 
November 01, 2021 

My friend introduced me to The Offspring when he played a couple of tunes from Smash for me using my 5 CD capacity Stereo.

That was high tech and those were the days. There were some catchy songs, so I went out and bought the album.

I went back to the record store and picked up Ignition and I found their best album to date. I have heard many other releases from The Offspring, but nothing compares.

Kick Him When He’s Down”, “Dirty Magic” & “Nothing from Something” are all top tunes along with the rest of the album.

Here is the track listing...

1. Session
2. We Are One
3. Kick Him When He's Down
4. Take It Like a Man
5. Get It Right
6. Dirty Magic
7. Hypodermic
8. Burn It Up
9. No Hero
10. L.A.P.D.
11. Nothing from Something
12. Forever and a Day

Platty's Editor Note: Making nothing from something was me having 5 but only be able to put out 3 out of 5 squirts of venom!


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