January 16, 2022

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ANTHRAX: Persistence of Time

Benjamin Dover 
October 13, 2021 

This was my first Anthrax album that I bought as I heard “In My World” on MTV when they played music videos. I instantly regretted it as I was in the position where I liked only a couple songs. Buyer’s remorse!

In My World” and “Belly of The Beast” are the only highlights. I had the tape when I was younger and the listing is almost perfect as I could listen to one song, flip the tape over and be right at the beginning of the other.

I saw them live at the Big Four in Indio California and they were decent. Joey did chat a lot after each song and only a small portion of the crowd saw them as most people were still waiting to get in, parking or haven’t arrive yet.

Megadeth and Slayer came out and killed it, but Anthrax felt like a side gimmick. Please don’t hate me as these guys are excellent musicians but not my mug of beer.

Here is the track listing...

1. Time
2. Blood
3. Keep It In The Family
4. In My World
5. Gridlock
6. Intro To Reality
7. Belly Of The Beast
8. Got The Time
9. H8 Red
10. One Man Stands
11. Discharge

Platty's Editor Note: Time, Got The Time? I'm confused! Only 2 out of 5 squirts of venom!


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