November 26, 2021

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IN FLAMES: The Jester Race

Moe Lester 
October 02, 2021 

We are going back to the Swedish Death Metal Scene in 1996 when In Flames dropped The Jester Race.

We first visited the scene with At The Gates and their album that was released in 1995.

This is their second release which firmly cemented In Flames as a leader in the genre.

This release also was the first for their mascot The Jester Head which has a re-occurring theme throughout their future releases.

If you follow In Flames then you know that their last several releases since Clayman in 2000 have steadily gone downhill. This is my favorite album by far and feel they peaked with their second release.

I understand that bands evolve and shouldn't continue to release the same type of album repeatedly but for me, their music has left me behind.

Here is the track listing...

1. Moonshield
2. The Jester's Dance
3. Artifacts Of The Black Rain
4. Graveland
5. Lord Hypnos
6 .Dead Eternity
7. The Jester Race
8. December Flower
9. Wayfarer
10. Dead God In Me

Platty's Editor Note: I squirted 4 out of 5 times when I listen to this album!


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