October 18, 2021

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THE KOVENANT: Nexus Polaris

Anna Phalaxis 
September 19, 2021 

If there is one band that changes with each release, then The Covenant….er The Kovenant takes the cake.

In Times Before the Light, Nexus Polaris and Animatronic are completely different sounding albums.

They also had to change their name from The Covenant to The Kovenant due to another band claiming rights to the first name.

The atmosphere, operatic backing vocals, flowing riffs make this a complete and utterly beautiful album.

This album won a Norwegian Grammy for Best Hard Rock Band in 1998.

Every song is top notch and it’s difficult to pick a favorite song.

Pianos, Hammond organ, and hints of Soprano backing vocals heighten this album into my top 5 of all time.

Here is the track listing...

1. The Sulphur Feast
2. Bizarre Cosmic Industries
3. Planetarium
4. The Last of Dragons
5. Bringer of the Sixth Sun
6. Dragonheart
7. Planetary Black Elements
8. Chariots of Thunder

Platty's Editor Note: Wow! 5 out of 5 squirts of my venom! I can't contain myself!


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