January 16, 2022

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WINDS: The Imaginary Direction of Time

Dawn Keybawls 
November 24, 2021 

Discovering Winds was a happy accident for me. The first song I ever heard from them was The Fireworks of Genesis.”

I love the string arrangements of this album and the guitar picking / bass drum sync is spectacular.

This is an educated album, and you must appreciate the intracity and beauty of each layer.

I do enjoy the slower parts of the album but the talking segments and some of the string instruments can become irritating and redundant.

Under the Stars, A Moment for Reflection and Time Without End” are the 3 best songs in my opinion. A Moment for Reflection is a great example of the picking / drum that I mentioned earlier.

Blaze a fatty and get blown away by Winds with one of their finest albums.

Here is the track listing...

1. What is Beauty?
2. Sounds Like Desolation
3. Theory of Relativity
4. Visions of Perfection
5. The Fireworks of Genesis
6. Under the Stars
7. A Moment For Reflection
8. Time Without End
9. The Final End
10. Beyond Fate
11. Silence in Despair
12. Infinity

Platty's Editor Note: 4 out of 5 squirts of my venom! Did I just imagine this review?


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