January 16, 2022

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OPETH: In Cauda Venenum

Moe Lester 
November 22, 2021 

I became a fan when I heard April Ethereal from My Arms, Your Hearse. I spent the early 2000’s mesmerized by how good these gents where right from the first listen.

Orchid, Morningrise, Still Life and the aforementioned MAYH, are some of my most spun albums.

Blazing a fatty, putting the headphones on and drifting away to Opeth land where lyrics are poetry, and the songs go on forever.  

Things have changed over the years including Opeth’s last 4 releases. The lyrics are still poetry, but the songs don’t go on forever and there are no growls or old school metal influences.

The music is still top notch, and the arrangements work well together. Opeth hasn’t lost their ability to make you synchronize your head-nodding with their masterful playing techniques, but I feel there is something missing.

Old school fans know what is missing. I feel a little lost with Opeth 2.0.

In Cauda Venenum has an English and a Swedish version.

Here is the track listing...

 1. Livet’s Trädgård / Garden Of Earthly Delights  (Intro)
 2. Svekets Prins  / Dignity
 3. Hjärtat Vet Vad Handen Gör /  Heart In Hand
 4. De Närmast Sörjande / Next Of Kin
 5. Minnets Yta / Lovelorn Crime
 6. Charlatan
 7. Ingen Sanning Är Allas / Universal Truth
 8. Banemannen / The Garroter
 9. Kontinuerlig Drift / Continuum
 10. Allting Tar Slut / All Things Will Pass

Platty's Editor Note: I want to cry when listening to Opeth lately. The lyrics and knowing their old style is gone forever! I give this 3 out of 5 squirts of my venom.


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