May 26, 2022

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THYRFING: Vanagandr

Dawn Keybawls 
November 16, 2021 

Thyrfing has been an absolute favorite of mine since I discovered them and their album URKRAFT around 2001/2002. They are the finest Viking Metal band that I have ever experienced. They are finally back and released Vanagandr 8 years after their last release De Ödeslösa.

The musical layers in Vanagandr makes sweet Viking love to the next layer while keeping the long-bladed axe from Over Hornbæk sharp!

The album has a feel to me (I’m 11% Viking…By the way) that we are about to partake in a majestic early morning raid on an unsuspecting village where many ferocious battles will lead us to victory. We have cackling crows, horns, and pianos. (I love the piano in metal. Listen to Thyrfing’s The Deceitful)  

Here is the track listing…

1. Döp dem i eld
2. Undergångens länkar
3. Rötter
4. Fredlös 
5. Järnhand
6. Håg och minne
7. Träldomsord
8. Jordafärd

Platty's Editor Note: It's good to be back! I give this album a full 5 out of 5 venom squirts!


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