September 24, 2021

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Satire on Social Media Is Dead!

July 26, 2021 

Satire on Social Media died on January 6th 2021.

R.I.P! is not dead and we’ll continue to pump out mediocre bullshit but understand this is not real or is meant to be real.

It started when we were put into Facebook jail for violating their community standards. It was an article about sunning your asshole which will cure your Covid-19 symptoms.

First, this news is delivered to you by a Platypus.

Second, why would sunning your ass taint cure you?

I cannot control anyone’s education level and leave it up to the reader to conclude that this is stupid fun.

Twitter killed me right after January 6th.

We went from 25k impressions per month in December 2020 to about 1K in March.

I never paid for inclusion but that is a huge decline.

Obviously social media AI programs need work but how do you convey satire?

You deliver it by a Platypus and with Authors named Anna Phalaxis, Benjamin Dover, Chit Ferbrauns, Dawn Keybawls, Moe Lester, Ms. Ann Formation, Mike Litorus and Oopsai Scharted.

It's time for social media to stop the censorship and allow their users to believe their own bullshit on every platform again.

Platty's Editor Note: Do you see any ads? No! I can't give this shit away anymore! Google still loves us!

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