November 26, 2021

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Only Erin Burnett’s Husband is Allowed Outback!

Ms. Ann Formation 
June 18, 2021 

It was revealed today that everyone and their grandfather is allowed OutFront but only her husband is allowed OutBack.

We’re not talking Outback Steakhouse or Aussie Outback or Down Under.

It is Down Under but OutBack!

We have reached out to Erin for comment on how comfortable she is about opening up to her husband OutBack.

We have not heard back after several attempts to contact her and the OutFront team.

Her OutBack team continues to send us humorous memes and won’t respond to our honest and serious journalistic questions with an inch of dignity.

We will continue to deliver truthful information regarding this story as my name is Ms. Ann Formation and I am always deliver accurate news.

Platty's Editor Note: OutBack, no rules, just right!


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