October 18, 2021

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Prostitutes Offer $3.14 Pie for Pi Day!

Mike Litorus 
June 14, 2021 

It might be a few years before we finally write Covid into the history books, but people are struggling to make ends meet and survive today.

Sex workers are pounded even harder in this pandemic.

Other than use a 6 feet penis extension, these workers risk their lives to survive.

Worse than Covid is their clientele have been staying away.

Workers are now lowering their standards to offer a $3.14 Pie Day special for Pi Day.

March 14th is Pi Day as Pi equals 3.14159265359 and continues on forever without a pattern.

I was offered a sample taste of their pie, but I declined obviously.

Moe Lester, you can find these lovely ladies on 2nd street!

Support you local sex workers as Sex Worker Lives Matter!

Platty's Editor Note: That's a $1.86 savings over the $5 dollar box. 2nd street huh?


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