November 26, 2021

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Man Breaks Guinness Record by Eating 3 Bowls of Cap'n Crunch!

Ms. Ann Formation 
July 18, 2021 

It was a bloody mess, but Ryan Lindeck broke a Guinness World Record by consuming 3 bowls of Cap’n Crunch cereal.

We were there when “Iron Mouth” Lindeck broke the record.

The first bowl went as expected where it tore the shit out of the roof on his mouth.

Ryan dove into his second bowl of the Cap’n but we knew something wasn’t right when he barely finished the bowl within the allowed time frame.

Iron Mouth took the full time in between bowls to tend to his bloody mouth.

His third bowl was by far the hardest to watch as the blood flow out of his mouth which turned the milk red.

Ryan powered through the third bowl, but the pained expressions told the whole story.

He finished the bloody bowl just as time expired.

Ryan was rushed out of the room and to the mobile ER unit to tend to his wounds.

Ryan won a lifetime supply of Cap’n Crunch and a Guinness World Record plaque for his efforts.

Platty's Editor Note: Ryan won the record but ended up losing his mouth in the process. He will have to drink his meals now.


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