September 24, 2021

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White Man Asked to Be Less White!

Mike Litorus 
June 23, 2021 

David Black is super white!

He’s so white that his employer has asked him to be less white.

He received a memo from his supervisor that his “Whiteness” is causing problems with employee morale.

The memo continued that his complexion is reminding others of his “White Privilege.”

Employees look at David as if he is a racist by default.

The memo encourages him to learn Ebonics, Mandarin and dress more urban Japanese.

A few basic responses like “The nerve of that crazy cracker!” and “Kill the white man!” have been suggestions that he should add to his vocabulary.  

The memo is wrong on so many levels.

David has hired a lawyer and his case is currently pending.

Platty’s Editor Note:  He does look like the leader of the white supremist group called The White Powdered Sugar Gang!

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