October 18, 2021

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Man’s Just a Fatty, Jizzy, Meat Bag of Emotions!

Moe Lester 
August 07, 2021 

Chad is nothing but a fatty, jizzy, scum bag, asshole, stanky ass bag of human shit meat controlled by his stunted emotions.

He is a narcissistic tubular corn dog meat sausage and all he can do it shrug his shoulders and put his hands up like he doesn’t give a shit.

Chad is the guy who is the first to be killed in a horror movie because his actions are that of a tiny petty little bitch.

Look at him! Seriously, look at him!

He is a useless piece of meat pie that the earth will someday acquire.

Chad is biding him time until he is buried or cremated or planted as a fucking tree.

Until then, his emotions will continue to be the lone driver of this useless jizzy meat puppet.

Platty's Editor Note: Hey Moe? Have you been taking your medications?


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