November 26, 2021

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P & R Tired of Q’s Shit!

Dawn Keybawls 
August 03, 2021 

P and R are now taking Q’s bullshit personally.

They are tired of being neighbors to Q’s disproven and discredited bullshit.

Who doesn’t like a satanic cannibalistic barbeque of children every once and a while?

If you had to think about that question for a fraction of a second, then maybe you are the one with the problem.

I love to barbecue but I would never barbeque children.

Well, at least not again as I found they taste better once they reach around 20 years of age.

Either way, P and R are done with Q’s bullshit and will put that damn letter back inline.

Q’s think they are special because of a pause after P.

R’s are pissed because they are always grouped with Q's along with S.

P's are disappointed in Q as they use to hang out as the 'Pints and Quarts' duo.

It's time to get back inline and with the program you Q bastards as P and R are done with your bullshit!

Platty's Editor Note: The only Q's I love are Q's filled with beer! Mind your P's and Q's!


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