November 26, 2021

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Why the Fuck Was Frasier Crane in Expandables 3?

Ms. Ann Formation 
June 09, 2021 

The movie was released in 2014 and the American action thriller franchise died soon afterward.

Granted, the movies were horrific to begin with, but it was fun to see a super group movie franchise.

Sly, Statham, Jet, Dolph, Arnold and many more big names have had a role in these flicks.

Well, until Frasier Crane joined the gang in the 3rd movie.

Rumor has it that Niles Crane was unavailable due to a scheduling conflict.

Did he get the part because he played Beast in a shitty X-men movie?

Bonaparte? More like Bon Voyage!

Frasier Crane psychoanalyzed this franchise to death.

Platty’s Editor Note: I’m so glad Nicolas Cage passed on the part as it would have killed his career.


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