February 25, 2021

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Stoner Uses Enbrel On His Joints!

Mike Litorus 
January 24, 2021 

Mike Reed has a problem with his joints.

They are weak, swollen and slightly deformed.

Others would check out his joints and would end up laughing as they were horrible.

His joints were not worth their time.

Mike would end up with hurt feelings but would continue to work on his joints as he wanted to make them better.

Mike saw a commercial on TV about a medication that could make his joints better than ever.

He hit up his doctor and was able to score some Enbrel.

Mike’s joints theses day are straight, tight, and worth everyone’s time.

No one laughs at Mike’s joints anymore.

They laugh at his jokes now thanks to Enbrel.

Platty’s Editor Note: Enbrel helped Mike even more as he is now double jointed.

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