May 28, 2020

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We All Know A Douchebag Named Mike!

Mike Litorus
January 24, 2020

This story is not about Mike Pence as he is the leader of the douchebag’s named Mike. This story is about another Mike. His name is Mike Greed. This story happened on October 3rd, 1977.

Mike decided he wanted to go on a joy ride. This was no ordinary joy ride. This ride had the full set up.

This was no ordinary car that Mike is being accused of stealing on a nice sunny Sunday morning.

This car had the full accessories. There were red and white lights on the roof. There was a nice loud siren and 2-way radio. The engine was left running and the driver door was open. Mike decided to jump in and take it for a spin.

Sgt. Wilson Lee was wondering where he left his police car. He was writing up a separate ticket and went to his car around the corner and found it to be gone. Another police vehicle came by to pick him up when he heard on the radio that a stolen police car has been reported.

Mike had driven the car to a close by restaurant with the siren on and the lights flashing.

A citizen called the police as she thought it was weird a hippie with long hair would be driving the car.

Mike then abandoned the car after getting some food about ½ mile down the road and was picked up on foot not long after.

Sgt. Lee’s career was derailed for a short time after he allowed his car to be stolen but had a long and successful career.

Platty's Editor Note: If you were a pasta, guess what kind you’d be? Mike-aroni!

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