September 24, 2021

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Hospital Installs Chute to Outdoor Freezer!

Benjamin Dover 
July 31, 2021 

The pandemic has reached new heights today when the Sister Mary of HolyShit Hospital installed a chute to an outdoor freezer.

Covid deaths are continuing to rise every day and the chute saves the employees at Sisters time by flinging their patients down the chute right into the freezer.

It is a quick-change chute where they can easily detach and re-attach to the next empty freezer.

You can feel happy and proud knowing your loved ones can enjoy one last fun ride of their life before going under the ice.

Sister Mary of HolyShit Hospital have begun plans for a water slide to the freezer which will have embalming fluid and chute cleansing components to speed up the process and prevent clogging.

The final plans will include a shrink wrap process after the chute ride to ensure freshness for delivery to the cemetery or cremation.

Sister Mary of HolyShit Hospital would like the last moments of their life to be a fun and loving experience since no one can be there for them.

Platty’s Editor Note: Sign me up! That's where I want to go when it's time for me to go. I'll most likely end up in hell but i'll be chill beforehand.

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