September 24, 2021

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Woman’s Tootsie Pop Requires 364 Licks!

Moe Lester 
July 29, 2021 

Marybeth Swanson claims no one can lick her Tootsie Pop in less than 364 licks before you get to her center.

Many men and a few women have tried to tame her Tootsie Pop but haven’t been able to conquer her pop in less than 364 licks.

She has tried it sober, smashed drunk, high as hell and has taken many aphrodisiacs but cannot get to the center of her pop any quicker.

She has even tried heavy machinery but 364 is her magic number.

You can try to chew it, crunch it in your mouth and suck as hard as you can but you’ll never get to her center in less than 364 licks.

Do you have the discipline and a strong work ethic to get to the center of her Tootsie Pop?

Marybeth wants to hear from you if you think you have the skills to beat her record.

Platty's Editor Note: You might want to use a dental dam when trying to get to the center of her Tootsie Pop!

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