February 25, 2021

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Golfer Had Best Round of Life Until He Lost It On 17!

Anna Phalaxis 
January 16, 2021 

Christian Smith had a good feeling and a positive outlook for today’s round of golf.

His woods and irons were true when whacking his balls while at the driving range.

He was nailing his practice chips while continuing to warm up.

He was spot on when he moved on to putting. He was ready to roll.

He started off steady by hitting par on the first 3 holes.

Hole 4 gave him a some issues on his 2nd stroke but was able to pull out a birdie.

He birdied number 5 and came out with a par on 6.

Christian was -2 through 6 holes which was the best he has ever done at this course.

Hole 7 hit him hard, but he was lucky to escape with a bogey.

He finished out 8 and 9 with a birdie and finished the front nine at -3.

Hole 10, 11 and 12 weren’t too exciting but he was able to par them all.

Hole 13 was the best of the day when he pulled an eagle out of his ass on the par 5. He had a monster drive and a 3 wood to get him on the green.

14 and 15 was a little shaky but he still pulled out a few pars.

His drive on 16 left him 2 feet from the hole where he crushed his next birdie with ease.

He was on the green on 17 when Christian experienced a major heart attack when putting.

He died right there. His best round ever played is not official as he wasn’t able to finish or sign his score card.

Platty’s Editor Note: Golf did drive a wedge between Christian and his wife.

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