October 18, 2021

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Johnny Is Still A Cream Puff!

Ms. Ann Formation 
July 21, 2021 

Was Johnny ever a cream puff?

He is an asshole for sure.

He is uneducated in a lot of aspects of life but a cream puff?

Johnny doesn’t know the difference between a hash brown or a hashtag.

Johnny’s real problem is John Kreese.

I really though John Kreese was supporting the leg with Koala Kai, but he fooled us all in taking over Cobra Kai from Johnny.

If anything, Johnny is a turnover.

Cream puff’s are good. They are fluffy and filled with delicious cream.

Johnny is filled with cream, but I doubt it is fresh.

So, is he a cream puff?

I would say yes, he is a cream puff.

He wants to do good and has a good heart but is filled with so much shit he gives us diabetes and a fat ass.

Platty’s Editor Note: Iron Eagle is one kick ass movie!


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