September 24, 2021

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Logger Has A Huge Log!

Benjamin Dover 
July 24, 2021 

Henry Geer is a logger and is proud of his huge log.

His log is so large that you cannot get your hands around it.

He displays his log for everyone to experience and no one has been disappointed.

His log is strong, sturdy and can handle many people bouncing on top of it.

Sometimes his back hurts do to all the lumber Henry has to support.

Henry feels the pain is worth it due to the amount of people who find pleasure with his massive log.

He will continue to deliver his girthy log as he knows there are people out there that need it.

Feel free to give Henry a call if you need a giant log in your fireplace.

Platty’s Editor Note: I have been sleeping like a log at night. I keep waking up in the fireplace.

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