September 24, 2021

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Friskies Asses Contains Natural Mouse, Bird and Rat Ass Ingredients!

Anna Phalaxis 
July 27, 2021 

Mouse, bird and Rat ass ingredients are found in the new Friskies cat food Asses.

The usual ‘natural’ ingredients are removed, and the basic ass ingredients are in the new Asses formula.

Mouse, Bird and Rat asses have been added to the new tasty ass formula.

There is a reason your cat leaves you gifts of their kill because they are proud and are willing to share their ass kills with you.

Now you can reward your cat with the new Friskies Asses cat food, and they will love you for it.

They are disappointed when you don’t share in their victory.

They are no longer disappointed with the new Friskies Asses cat food as you are providing them with a fresh ass kill.

Do you love your cat?

Then give them the good ass!

Platty's Editor Note: There is nothing wrong with eating ass!

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