November 26, 2021

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Wife Upset Over Husband’s Peyronie's Disease Surgery!

Ms. Ann Formation 
August 30, 2021 

John broke his dick many years ago during a wild night of crazy sex.

His dick has been curving ever since.

John’s wife Melyza has always loved how his boomerang rubs up against her g-spot.

She always came multiple times while John was left in pain after ejaculation.

John decided to contact his doctor to see what could be done to help ease his dick pain.

John underwent surgery and told his wife that it was for an old sport injury.

Melyza was furious when she found out he fixed the curve with his dick.

John is ejaculating normally now and without pain but Melyza is not getting off the way she used to.

Their divorce is pending.

Platty's Editor Note: He totally rubs her the wrong way now.


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