November 26, 2021

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Donald Sutherland’s Eyebrows Revealed As the True Old-Fashioned Cocksucker!

Moe Lester 
September 03, 2021 

My educated guess for who murdered Elena Alves on the new series The Undoing on HBO are the eyebrows on Donald Sutherland’s character Franklin Reinhardt.

Those damn things could easily pick up the murder weapon and could easily strike down poor Elena.

Episode 4 is where he explained that he is an old-fashioned cocksucker which sounds exactly what I am thinking but his definition is one who destroys everyone involved including their pet fish.

Therefore, I feel his brow will be revealed as the real killer and will be the true old-fashioned cocksucker.

Platty's Editor Note: Right to the point tonight Moe? I think you are correct!


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