October 18, 2021

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Satire Writer Never Taken Seriously!

Ms. Ann Formation 
June 13, 2021 

PlattyPress.com is a satire website. Some may say its propaganda.

If you believe sunning your asshole will cure Covid-19, then you have the intelligence of a fucking rock.

I feel like I am insulting the rock by comparing it to other dumbasses.

There was an article posted recently here by my good friend about a porn movie that has an alternate ending which was flagged for exploiting females and human sexuality in general.

We do understand that not everyone in the sex industry is there because they have a choice but porn?

The women and men in these videos are most likely consenting adults and not being exploited. Well, at least by choice. I guess it depends on where you get your porn.

It’s fun to push the boundaries and find out what really pisses off people, but a few categories have spoken and now these categories will never be written about again. Trump and Covid!

The two most idiotic issues. Fuck one and wear a damn mask you fucker for the other.

Platty's Editor Note: Thanks for the information Ms. Ann Formation. Are you being truthful here? We'll still keep writing about the porn!


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