October 18, 2021

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Instagram Yoga Instructors Show You Their Flexible Hoo-Ha’s!

Oopsai Scharted 
July 10, 2021 

It started just like any another innocent Instagram viewing but ended up with me viewing many pictures of Yoga instructors showing me their Hoo-Ha’s.

Some are smiling (the woman’s face not their Hoo-Ha) and proud of their Hoo-Ha.

Other’s hide their faces with their hair but still show me their smiling Hoo-Ha.

Okay, they both can smile, at least from my perspective.

My dead husband agrees.

I do appreciate a flexible Hoo-Ha but there is a proper time and a place for this.

Instagram is not the place.

I will keep a watch on Instagram and will check back often on these ‘Yoga’ instructors until they are finally removed from this platform.

And every other platform too.

It's a tough job but someone has to do it!

Platty’s Editor Note: I’ll save my personal feelings until I have a personal yoga class from one of these fine instructors.


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