September 24, 2021

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Wife Misses Husband’s Hate Fucking Since He Started Therapy!

Ms. Ann Formation 
July 26, 2021 

Karen Miles knows how to anger her husband Christian as he’ll get angry and hate fuck her into oblivion.

The whole process won’t last very long but she loves how he breaks down crying after he orgasms.

She enjoys the caring embrace after the hate fucking is over.

Karen has been known to make people cry with her demanding attitude, but she has more satisfaction when it is her pussy that makes her husband cry.

She will leave their child’s toys on the floor or leave a messy kitchen because she knows that will set him off and she’ll get what she deserves.

Occasionally Christian will leave a mark or two with his strength but Karen doesn’t mind too much because she has her brains scrambled during the roughness.

She was beyond happy until Christian started to seek therapy for his anger issues.

She can still make him mad but not as often.

Christian has been making strides with his treatment but still has setbacks with his outbursts.

Karen is doing what she can to continue to be a recipient of his hate fucks.

Platty’s Editor Note: That’s pretty fucked up Ann but to each their own. Whatever that means.

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