November 26, 2021

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TLC Creating Scary Terminator Fembot Dodgeball Players!

Moe Lester 
August 25, 2021 

Colt-e better watch out.

Larissa’s recent upgrades to become a terminator fembot dodgeball-e player has been completed.

Fran Stalinovskovichdavidovitchsky's reign as the deadliest woman with a dodgeball-e has been passed to Larissa Dos Santos Lima.

She is now armed with flexible boobies which allow maximum absorption for any ball that were to bounce off them.

You can throw your balls as hard as you want, and she will catch every single one of them that bounces off her chest.

Her nose has also been altered to take a beating from any balls that would smash against her face.

There is nothing your balls can do as she will beat you down and she will win.

Did you hear that Colt-e?

You have been warned.

Platty's Editor Note: Eric-e better watch out too. He paid for it but he can also feel the wrath of the deadliest woman with a dodgeball-e.


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