September 24, 2021

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Prisoner Treats Himself to Personal Conjugal Visit!

Benjamin Dover 
July 30, 2021 

Conjugal visits in prison are only legal in 4 states these days.

In 1993 there were 17 states that allowed inmates to mate with their life mate.

The problem was there were many visits that occurred that were not by the spouse.

The conjugal visit original purpose was to keep some balance with inmates that have families.

Kids, sisters, moms and dads would visit in a special room or trailer that doesn’t have guards and doesn’t resemble a prison so families could remain strong during incarceration.

Too many kids, sisters, moms and dads turned out to be total bullshit and rules were exploited so inmates could just get laid.

Nowadays the only conjugal visit prisoners have is a personal one.

They can have a nice evening with toilet wine and lots of whacking.

Platty's Editor Note: Derek Chauvin will do fine in prison. He is really good at getting on his knees and staying there.

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