October 18, 2021

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Woman’s Double Penetration Sex Toy for Sale!

Moe Lester 
August 09, 2021 

The audacity of people these days trying to sell things online.

People are using different titles and descriptions of items that are completely incorrect.

I ran across an ad where a woman claims she is selling her child’s ‘bouncer’, but we all know this is a woman’s double penetration sex toy.

I am in utter shock that she would use her child to sell her perversion.

She is also selling it without a proper demonstration on how this toy is used.

It could be used alone or with a close friend.

Come one people. Start using the correct description of items you are trying to sell online.

Platty's Editor Note: Moe, It's a kids bouncer toy. It's a boys toy where you can imagine you have 2 dicks. I do like your thinking Moe!


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