September 24, 2021

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Moxie, The Official Beverage Of 2020!

Oopsai Scharted 
July 22, 2021 

Do you want a Sprite? A crisp and refreshing lemon lime concoction that’s light and tastes great?

How about a Dr. Pepper? It’s just what the doctor ordered.

Would you like an original Coke with cocaine or perhaps the distant second cola that starts with R. C.?

You thought I meant Pepsi? Please!

Maybe you are a root beer fan?

Have you ever tried homemade root beer?

That would be a good thing if you haven’t and I’m sorry if you have as it closely resembles the flavor of the official beverage of 2020.

Moxie! Yum!

Try washing those garlic fries down with a cool can of Moxie.

The next movie you watch, make some popcorn and get a tall glass of ass juice. I mean Moxie.

Swallow that pizza with some cool refreshing Moxie.

This year is already circling the bowl so why not wash it all down with a can of Moxie!

Platty's Editor Note: Created in 1876 and they are still trying to sell the original batch.

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